Managed Business Intelligence

Managed BI provides an easy and low-risk solution for collecting and viewing your company’s data. Through a single reporting portal, we allow both on-line and off-line access to dashboards and detail reports. All implementations are customized and take advantage of “use what you need” consulting services.


Do you manually collect information into spreadsheets for critical parts of your business?  Examples include; daily balances, daily purchases, hours worked, etc. When you collect information in spreadsheets, you are wasting time. We all know that using spreadsheets for consolidation is not a long-term and repeatable solution.  The data is not secure, stable, or predictably accurate.


Collecting data in a meaningful way is difficult. It involves knowledge of how to extract data, merge it across sources, and make it consistent over time. You may have a good analyst that can quickly pull together information from your billing system and merge it with your purchasing system. What happens when that person decides to leave the company? Will the replacement have the same skills?

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Managed BI brings mid-cap companies the same analytic capabilities as large-cap companies. Our solution is delivered in the cloud and bundled with consulting services that scale to meet your needs.